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Best of kickbox Event – 20 September 2023

The time has come again! The Best of Kickbox Event is just around the corner, and we look back on a successful year of innovation. Get ready for exciting and inspiring inputs, along with captivating workshops. And don't miss the grand finale of the «Innovator of Trust campaign». We're thrilled to have you join us!

Blackbox Workshop – 14 December 2023

Design Thinking, Ideation and Intrapreneurship
These "hip" terms are rather a black box for you, but you want to learn more about them? Then this workshop is just right for you! In this half-day (online) workshop we will give you the tools to generate innovative ideas and to test and implement them in an iterative approach.

Past Events

Community Event march 2023

It was that time again, the Kickbox Community Event brought together employees from different departments interested in innovation to learn together and discuss the future of innovation. The Event offered the opportunity to share common learnings and experiences. We were reminded that innovation is not just about technology, but about people and their ideas. Stories like this one from Chris inspire us and show what can come from a simple idea!

Best of kickbox event 2022

The event included a review of the successful kickboxing year, exciting keynotes, mini-workshops, the final of Ideas of Things and a fair with various great kickboxing ideas. It was a great event!