Our team

Our mission as a Kickbox team is to support Swisscom employees with tools and our network, so they can turn their ideas into impactful business cases.

At Swisscom Kickbox, we put our employees first. We strongly believe that bringing together their knowledge, creativity and diversity is the key to innovation at Swisscom.


Our like-minded and innovation driven colleagues support you with their expertise in their business unit.

Ambassador B2B

Faruk Arslan

Ambassador GSD TS

Marco Schmid

Ambassador DDD

Panajot Jelev

Ambassador PJM

Ugurcan Borihan

Ambassador GCR

Marcel Rösch

Ambassador INI EOS

Sanju-Marc Blöchlinger

Ambassador INI DNA

Matthew Long

Ambassador GSD OUP

Vladimir Michalec

Ambassador WSB

Julia Zimina

Ambassador BD

Oliver Anthamatten

Ambassador SLS

Mitzi Holohlavsky

Ambassador GSD

Rico Dähler

Ambassador INI

Mike Heiniger

Ambassador BD

Kevin Friedli

Ambassador POD

Andreas Aebi

Ambassador INI

Adrian Schumacher

Ambassador B2B

Astrit Merditaj

Ambassadorin GBS

Jessica Nussbaumer

Ambassador B2B

Matthieu Ruzzin

Ambassador CR

Marius Schlegel

Ambassador B2C CED

Florian Kässberger

Ambassador B2B

Jan Tschopp

Ambassadorin B2C CED

Sonja Brolle

Will you be the next ambassador?

We are looking for employees interested in innovation to support our kickboxers with their expert know-how and network!

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