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    The concept of the KickBox originally came from Adobe. The software company created an internal innovation programme with the aim of encouraging employees to develop and test new ideas.


    In concrete terms, this means that any Swisscom employee who has an idea can easily apply internally for a KickBox. The physical box contains a starting credit, 20% of the working time for 2 months, contacts to internal and external innovation experts as well as a manual that explains the process of idea validation and provides valuable tips. In a multi-stage process, the idea is advanced, pitched in front of juries and, in the best case, approved for the next stage.


    Watch the video to find out more about how you can implement your idea as an employee:

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    Some examples of our successful Swisscom KickBox projects:

  • Help2type

    The first compact, haptic keyboard for smartphones.


    The company behind Kickboxing Methodology is itself a kickboxing project.


    The quick solution for complex customer concerns.


    The LoRa Office Monitoring System


    The Marketplace for Digital Art


    There are different stages in the process, which we know as RedBox, BlueBox and GoldBox.
    Validate and pilot your idea and create your dream job.



    The RedBox phase lasts 2 months. You validate your idea and its potential. In return, you receive a budget of CHF 1,000, 20% of your working time, access to internal and external experts and much more. At the end, you have to convince sponsors with a pitch presentation.



    Once you have found your sponsor, the 4-month BlueBox phase begins. With a budget of CHF 10,000-50,000, you run a pilot with real customers. In addition, coaching, sprint workshops and access to helpful innovation modules are available to you.



    If you can prove that there is real business potential behind your idea, the GoldBox starts. Congratulations, you have created your dream job and are now working 100% on the project! This can be within a line organisation or as an independent spin-off.


    We are ready to accompany you on your intrapreneurship journey.

    Lourdes Martins

    Head Swisscom Kickbox

    Lourdes leads the Swisscom Kickbox program. She has worked as a Design Thinking Catalyst for many years and brings a lot of Swiss and international experience in Startup & Leadership Coaching, User Experience Design as well as Agile Transformation. She wants to continue to strongly position Swisscom Kickbox as a top intrapreneurship program.

    Fabienne Puppin

    Kickbox Innovation Manager

    Fabienne studied Business Innovation and brings experience from the startup sector as well as consulting. Within the Kickbox team she is responsible for various operational and strategic topics.

    Michelle Burri

    Content & media presence

    Michelle is a businesswoman in her 3rd year of training. At Kickbox, she is mainly responsible for the media presence and content.

    Pascal Perrelet


    Pascal is a media technician in his 3rd year of apprenticeship. In the Kickbox team he is mainly responsible for designs.

    Christoph Frei

    Kickbox Coach

    Christoph brings to the Kickboxers his over 10 years of experience in the innovation environment. As a facilitator, Agile coach and in other roles, he has been able to find and build new innovations in a wide variety of industries and fields and also accompany teams in them.

    Roman Hungerbühler

    Kickbox Coach

    Roman helps teams innovate faster and more accurately. He studied design management, was a start-up founder and has already coached more than 200 KickBoxers

    Hans Peter Wyss

    Kickbox Coach

    Hampe is an experienced facilitator who helps kickboxers bring their ideas to life. He has a master's degree in arts education, was a researcher in technology and now builds bridges to connect people and disciplines.



    The aim is to promote new innovations and further training for employees.

    Ro​ger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler

    Chief Digital Officer

    We don't want to lose sight of internal innovation drivers: The KickBox shows what our employees are made of.

    Klementina Pejic

    Chief Personnel Officer

    We are all convinced that the freedom KickBox creates fuels Swisscom's spirit of innovation!


    We support your project in all areas of Swisscom.

    Kathrin Hösli


    Digital Business Unit

    Sophie Prodan


    Group Human Resources

    Kirsten Mrkwicka


    Business to Customers

    Adriano Brenca

    Ambassador INI

    IT, Network & Infrastructure

    Marius Schlegel


    Corporate Responsibility

    Marcus Beyer


    Group Security

    Florian Kässberger


    Customer Experience

    Jan Tschopp


    Business to Business



    We help you with your project.

    Miriam Jergen

    Marketing expert


    Simon Bühler

    Market research expert


    Marco Robertini

    Legal expert




    Can we also start the RedBox as a team?

    At the RedBox level, there is a lead person (KickBoxer) who introduces the idea. However, if you have the opportunity, we encourage you to form a team with different skills early on. We observe that teams are more successful and it will also be useful for a possible BlueBox stage where the team approach is emphasized. So yes, you can. If you are a team, discuss who will take the lead and what roles the others will focus on.

    What are idea campaigns?

    A few times a year, campaigns are held looking for ideas in a certain area. Ideas from all areas can be submitted at any time. However, if your idea fits into a campaign, the chance of advancement increases significantly, as more funding budget is available.


    Is there a deadline for idea submission?

    There is no deadline for good ideas! You can submit your idea at any time. An exception are the campaigns. If you would like to submit your idea for a campaign, please note the deadline communicated there. If you miss the deadline, you can always submit your idea, but it will no longer be considered for the campaign.


    When and how do I receive my RedBox?

    As soon as your idea is submitted, you will receive an information mail. We will send you your box as soon as we have your address. If something doesn't work out, you can contact us at any time.

    Where does the 20% working time come from?

    The coach and the budget of 1000 CHF you get from Kickbox. The time you invest comes from your team. So discuss your plan with your boss and your colleagues - think of it as your first pitch. If necessary, you can also use your 5 learning days or contact us at get.kickbox@swisscom.com to discuss it.

    How can I successfully complete the RedBox?

    By following the methodology, coaching and utilizing the services available to you through KickBox and the platform, you will be able to successfully pitch your idea to internal sponsors or investors to take it to the next level.
    If it doesn't work out... the journey is often more important than the destination! Maybe it will work out with the next KickBox!

    How do I make it to the BlueBox phase?

    You start the next chapter of your innovation journey by finding internal sponsors to fund your BlueBox.


    Can I join KickBox even if I don't have an idea?

    Yes, very much so! Any Swisscom employee can register on the platform. We would be delighted if more people joined the community to share their expertise, knowledge and experience.


    Is something still unclear?

    Please use the following form field to send in further questions.



    We are always open for your questions and ideas! We also look forward to your visit with us.

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